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  • "Thank you for sending the nappies on Friday, they are great and even our daughters dad likes them as they are so easy lol they fit better than others I have paid three times as much for. I will be back to buy more and will be happy to recommend them also."

  • "As these reusable nappies are so good I'll definitely recommend them to all my friends and anyone who's interested in using cloth nappies.

    I was unsure about how they work because they seemed to be a lot of work. So I only bought 5 at the beginning. However I have to say I was so wrong! They are so easy to use and so comfortable that they don't leave a mark on my baby's bottom like those disposable nappies do. Washing is NOT hard either. I just put them in the laundry and wash them all when I'm ready. Very very impressed! Therefore I bought another 15!!

    Oz Nappies also offer affordable price for mums. The price is so much cheaper compared to other brands and yet they work beautifully. I will definitely go back to you and buy more when we have a second one!

    All very impressed so thank you for your lovely product. :)"

  • "I absolutely love the nappies and use them every day I am so glad I purchased the nappies from you guys...."

  • "How easy they are to use, just as easy as disposable nappies. Easy to clean and they dry reasonably quickly. Remove inserts and place nappies and inserts in a bucket, no water, when full put in the washing machine on a warm wash and medium spin. EASY! A monkey could do it."

  • " reviewer Sam tested our product for a week with her 18 month old and wrote a review on her modern cloth nappy review site. We listened to her advice and are soon introducing bamboo liners to allow for heavier wetters."

  • Thank you so much for the order my husband received it today at work and Ive played with them all and love the colours especially the stars and wine colour , Ive also put the bamboo insert inside as I have a 6wk year old and won't be so bulky for her little tush...Thank you once again :)

  • These nappies have been great in comparison to other modern cloth nappies I have tried. Very well priced. Generous sizing for a one-size fits most nappy and fantastic that two inserts are supplied with each nappy, particularly coming into winter when it’s tougher to get things dry. They dry much quicker than the bamboo ones I’ve used previously and are nowhere near as bulky on bub. So many colours to choose from and a very easy company to deal with. Overall I have been very happy with this product. Courtesy of Cloth Nappy Reviewspy Reviews

  • These nappies are great! We’ve had trouble getting MCN to fit our little boy as he’s very skinny in the leg, but these work wonders. During the day we only need to use one insert and two at night. As the inserts can be taken out, drying time of the nappy is quite fast and I just have to (winter time) put the insert in on Low for a little bit to finish of the drying process.

    They are value for money, and come from a great company that have amazing support and customer service.

    I am so happy with these nappies that I’m even buying a set for my sister in law. Courtesy of Cloth Nappy Reviews

  • These nappies are great value for money!

    They dry very quickly: dry almost the moment they come out of the washing machine!

    Absorbency: They have microfiber inserts which are great for drying time and unlike most other microfibre inserts we’ve used these are quite absorbent too! With other nappies I need to use 2 microfibre inserts for my 7month old but with these I only need one for day use!

    Poo containment is GREAT: we used them for a week when bub had a bad case of diarrhoea and we didn’t have one leak!

    Great for the cuteness factor: I love the massive colour range they offer-I don’t think I’ve come across a company who offers so many colours of the rainbow.

    Quality: After a month of constant use and daily washing (we wash a load of nappies every morning) these nappies are still as good as new. No loose threads or stretched elastic.

    Drawback: The only drawbacks for me are that I don’t believe they would fit newborns very well and I prefer nappies with adjustable legs as well as the waistline. However if you have an older bub and are looking for a quick drying, absorbent and well contained nappy these are AWESOME-and at only $14.95 a nappy you can afford to at least buy one to try without feeling quality! Courtesy of Cloth Nappy Reviews

  • "Great value for money nappies, and good workhorse nappies. Pockets are good as absorbency can be adjusted. Will recommend to other mothers wanting to try modern cloth nappies."