Reusable Cloth Nappy Value Packs

Value Packs with 5, 10, or 25 reusable nappies

Our fantastic reusable nappies come in handy value packs to ensure maximum value for money. Not only are reusable cloth nappies cheaper to use than disposable nappies, they are now even more cost-effective with these fantastic value packs.

Our reusable nappies come in over 19 Colours and are suitable for Newborns through to Toddlers (4-14kg). They come with easily adjustable straps and are a versatile, durable, environmentally-friendly, easily washable nappy. With our reusable nappy value packs, you will save hundreds!

Each of our reusable cloth nappy value packs come with 2 inserts for each nappy, ensuring you have replacements whenever you need them. Buy our 5, 10 or 25 reusable nappy value packs online today!

Nappy Trial Pack with 5 nappies: $60.00 Save $14.75

Reusable nappy trial pack of 5 nappies and 10 inserts

Our trial pack gives you 5 reusable nappies and 10 inserts and is a perfect introduction to modern cloth nappies. Choose from our 19 colours to match your baby’s outfits.


Starter Pack with 10 nappies: $110.00 Save $39.50

Our reusable nappy starter pack is a good introduction to modern cloth nappies

Our introductory pack gives you 10 reusable nappies and 20 inserts and is a perfect way to begin using modern cloth nappies. The soft micro fleece makes for great comfort for baby and the waterproof outer protects their clothes.


Winter Pack of 25 Nappies: $250.00 Save $123.75

Be prepared for winter with our washable nappies. Our pack of 25 will see your through rainy days.

Be fully prepared for winter with this 25 pack of modern cloth nappies. With our easily washable nappies and faster drying inserts you are prepared for those rainy days.